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Sharky Extreme : November 16, 2011

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So there's umpteen different first person 3D shooters on the way this Christmas right? Right. But one, which begs to differ, is Dreamworks' Trespasser, a PC game sequel to hit-flick The Lost World. It just might. After having met with the Dreamworks crew at the Sound Blaster Live! party earlier this month I decided to follow up a little bit and try and get a bite at the cherry. Think of this piece as first round 'sneak peak' if you must.

Dreamworks were actually at the party to help launch Creative's new sound card with EAX; it was up along side the likes of Unreal and Ultim@te Race and even so quickly became a firm favorite with the crowd, standing out due to its jaw-dropping graphics. Pure and simple this game has and will have drop-dead gorgeous graphics that should cause frequent changes in underwear. In fact the visuals stood out so much, that I'll safely commit to stating that the graphics look like the most realistic gaming environment in a game of this type that I've seen to date. Even though the game still has a few months left in its development cycle I can't help but ramble on about it's visual clarity (check the shots for yourself).

The actual physics of the engine are just as impressive. Once you see the game in motion, it becomes apparent that the behavior of the objects in the game are governed by proper physics and not just some half-arsed attempt at AI. For example, taking pot shots at Dinosaurs results in the poor blighters usually slinging backwards, or seeing barrels bob up and down whilst floating over water clearly shows the attention to detail being paid.

(1) IT Statue and Church : (2) Fence : (3) Atlantic Raptor

(4) T-rex Vs Car : (5) Raptor and Trailer : (6) Raptor and Cargo Container

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