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Sharky Extreme : November 22, 2008

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So all's well right? Well yes and perhaps no... I mean the 3D first person genre is ideally suited for multiplayer (most obvious statement of this century). That said, Trespasser will be a single payer game only (sigh). What that means is that hopefully the AI of the Dino's, governed by hunger and overall pissyness, will have be good enough to contain a typically skilful gamer's needs. Even so Dreamworks aren't even pitching Trespasser as a fully-fledged Quake2 killer. It usually cracks them up though- when they here that saying, even though the game itself will be so far removed from a typical run around and 'shoot the crap out of everything' type game. Same in mode of play trespasser may be, but same in style of genre to Quake 2 it most certainly 'aint. Don't expect that. Instead expect to die with one hit. I mean when was the last time you survived a mauling by a T-Rex anyway?

Alright that's yer' lot folks- I'd love to say more but I only saw glimpses of the game running at the SBLive Party and would love to say more. Alas, I'm keeping close tabs on this gem of a game and will be popping down to DreamWorks' plush LA studios this Friday with the intention of hopefully returning with many more pounds of fresh Trespasser beef, straight from the Dino's mouth. Let's just hope I don't get mugged on the way through LA though… So until then, make sure you check out the screen shots (so kindly donated by DreamWorks). Yes, I know that screen shots never give you the same solid evidence of the visual splendor of such a game in motion but it's the best I can do. But when you do get to see the beast in motion- sometime in Q4 98, you will be changing those pants. Otherwise I'll soil my own pants and eat them.

(7) Raptor Bite : (8) Lab Crane and Pier : (9) IT Ops Center Doors

(10) T-rex by Warehouse

  • It's got great-big angry T-Rex's in it!
  • The graphics engine is just 'Out of this World' (another sequel to Lost World maybe?)
  • Steven Speilberg is apparently a really swell chap and helps out lots, which is nice.
  • The physics engine is truly fab.

  • It's got no multiplayer! Shock horror!
  • Same as always, there will be a lot of competition by that time of century. I can't prognosticate 'El Nino' but I think you'll agree there should be a full dinner menu of 3D first-person shooters.
  • Anyone remember Turok? Well its major purpose these days is for benchmarks.

Developed By: DreamWorks
Published By: DreamWorks
3D Card support: Yes
Multiplayer Support: No
Web Site: www.dreamworksgames.com
E.T.A: Q4 1998

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