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Sharky Extreme : November 16, 2011

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Dreamworks Interactive

Forget everything you know about video games. Everything you've ever learned, everything you've ever mastered and everything you were ever taught is meaningless. You're about to embark on a brand new journey; a gaming experience unlike any other. Dreamworks Interactive's Trespasser breaks new ground on several levels of gameplay, delivering a new standard of character control, storyline, graphics, AI and physics. However, as Lewis & Clark, Drake, Columbus, Marco Polo and Magellan can attest to, pioneering new ground is never easy and often hazardous. Likewise, while it offers a look at some promising and impressive technology, Trespasser doesn't escape new territory in one piece.

Trespasser is the third in a series of Michael Crichton novels that have been converted into other forms of media. The first two, Jurassic Park and Lost World, were brought to the silver screen courtesy of Steven Spielberg. The movies told the story of an ambitious billionaire, John Hammond, in his quest to recreate animals that have been extinct for hundreds of millions of years: dinosaurs. Hammond founds International Genetic Technologies and funds years of DNA extraction research in hopes of recreating the ancient reptiles. In simple terms, Hammond's theory was as follows: A mosquito that at one time had sucked the blood of a dinosaur and then later been caught and petrified in amber, would still retain the dinosaur's DNA today. Through InGen's extraction process, that DNA would then be cloned and inseminated into an egg of a modern day reptile. That reptile's eggs, after an artificial incubation period, should in theory contain dinosaur embryos. Unfortunately for the world, Hammond's theory was correct.

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