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Sharky Extreme : CPU Reviews & Articles January 17, 2012
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CPU Reviews & Articles


Intel Xeon X5365 V8 Performance Review

By Vince Freeman :  October 2, 2007

PCMark05 Pro Performance

PCMark05 Professional is the latest update to the popular PCMark system benchmarking series from FutureMark, and is revamped to highlight current hardware and features additional multithreaded and multi-tasking performance tests. There is the usual selection of individual System, CPU, Memory, Graphics, and Hard Drive benchmark suites, and these continue to bridge the gap between synthetic and application-based benchmarks. For our purposes, the System, CPU and Memory areas will be where we concentrate our benchmarking efforts.

The PCMark05 System benchmark suite includes a wide range of tests, from Windows XP hard drive startup to video and audio encoding, and features a selection of standard desktop routines like text edit, virus scanning, and image decompression. Three of the benchmark scenarios are multithreaded, with the first two including two simultaneous tests, and the final one utilizing four program tests running simultaneously. This helps make the PCMark05 System benchmark a great analysis tool for our dual and quad core processors. For this test, the latest 1.2 patch has been applied.

The Xeon X5365 V8 posts a slightly higher score in our PCMark05 System performance test, but certainly not anything far exceeding the top Core 2 Extreme processors. Part of this is due to the dual processors only taking up a portion of this benchmark, as well as the unit's slower DDR2-667 memory speed.

The CPU portion of the PCMark05 suite again shows the Xeon X5365 V8 with a small lead over the Intel quad core options, but without the same relative gap that exists between same-speed dual and quad core models. As we'll see from some upcoming processor benchmarks, this is likely software-related, and PCMark05 is either not coded to properly take advantage of 8 cores, or the individual tests do not benefit greatly from more than four CPU cores.

The PCMark05 Memory benchmarks illustrate that the dual independent buses of the Intel 5000X might not be properly addressed by desktop memory tests, which may prefer pure DDR2 clock speed to theoretical bandwidth. Compared to the standard DDR2-800 used in our other test systems, the Xeon X5365 V8 does not score as high on the PCMark05 chart.

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Under the Xeon X5365 V8 Hood

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Test Setup and Benchmark Software

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    PCMark05 Pro Performance

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