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Sharky Extreme : CPU Reviews & Articles January 12, 2012
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Intel Xeon X5365 V8 Performance Review

By Vince Freeman :  October 2, 2007

SiSoft SANDRA XI Bandwidth Performance

SiSoft SANDRA XI is a very popular system benchmark, and each revision sticks to its roots and supplies a wide range of individual benchmarks and system utilities. These tests include processor, system, network, and hard drive benchmarks, along with many other performance metrics. The memory bandwidth test is the most popular section of the SiSoft SANDRA benchmark suite, and it highlights the potential performance levels of the CPU-memory subsystem. As the Integer and FPU memory bandwidth scores are quite similar, we are only including the first one in our benchmark testing.

SiSoft SANDRA includes a range of memory and cache-related benchmarks, and definitely makes a great fit for our high-end processor testing. The memory bandwidth scores are even more dramatic than those of PCMark05, and here the Xeon X5365 V8 not only falls behind the other Intel processors, but SANDRA XI really makes use of AMD's integrated memory controller, and posts the scores to prove it. We had hoped to see the Intel 5000X and its dual independent buses come into play, but once again, DDR2 clock speed trumps architectural bandwidth.

The SiSoft SANDRA XI Cache & Memory benchmark goes well beyond memory performance, and measures the bandwidth of the combined processor cache and memory subsystem. This test can show off the architectural advantages of each processor, as well as the benefits of larger and faster L1/L2 data caches, and help give us an overall view of how the processor and memory match up in high-speed data transfers.

This benchmark test displays an amazing score for the Xeon X5365 V8, and it now powers by the single-processor results, doubling the previous record in this test. SiSoft SANDRA obviously makes full use of a multi-processor, multi-core system, and it really allows the Xeon X5365 V8 to shine.

SiSoft SANDRA XI incorporates a set of multi-core benchmarks that test the inter-core bandwidth, processor affinity and latency of today's top-end CPUs. The first test measures the efficiency of the inter-connect bandwidth, and determines overall bandwidth available between processors. This is another monster benchmark for the Xeon X5365 V8, and it comes close to doubling the score of the Core 2 Extreme QX6800.

The second part of the test measures the inter-core latency, where the presence of dual high-speed, quad core processors certainly does wonders for overall inter-core latencies, and the Xeon X5365 V8 posts the best result by far.

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Under the Xeon X5365 V8 Hood

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Test Setup and Benchmark Software

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