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Sharky Extreme : CPU Reviews & Articles January 12, 2012
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CPU Reviews & Articles


Intel Xeon X5365 V8 Performance Review

By Vince Freeman :  October 2, 2007

Multi-Threaded Performance

As we are covering a dual-CPU, multi-core platform, a more in-depth look at multi-threaded processor performance is certainly warranted - without the limitations of single-threaded applications or component-specific benchmarks. In this set of tests, we offer up two different multi-threaded tests: CINEBENCH 9.5 and SiSoft SANDRA.

CINEBENCH 9.5 Performance

CINEBENCH 9.5 is the latest update to this performance suite, which utilizes CINEMA 4D for both CPU and video-based testing. We're concentrating on the multi-threaded CPU benchmark, processes a large, detailed image file on-screen, times the overall performance, and displays the results. CINEBENCH 9.5 upgrades on the older 2003 version by dynamically shifting the processing on the fly. If one core is finished its job, the program automatically segments the remainder of the image, thereby speeding up processing times considerably. Another factor of this change is that it rewards true physical cores, while lowering performance on Hyper-Threaded systems.

The CINEBENCH 9.5 benchmark scores again show off the potential of an 8-core system, and the results posted by the Xeon X5365 V8 are well in excess of the fastest Intel quad core. The numerical results may be staggering, but the physical testing is simply amazing, as the 8-way processing simply devoured the CINEBENCH 9.5 image processing test.

SiSoft SANDRA XI CPU Performance

Along with a range of system and memory bandwidth tests, SANDRA XI also includes several processor benchmarks that cover different areas of CPU performance. For this review, we have chosen the Processor Arithmetic tests, which are fully multi-threaded, include SSE2/SSE3 and other CPU optimization support, and produce both ALU and FPU benchmark scores.

The SANDRA XI ALU benchmark shows off exactly how much potential speed an 8-core system has, and the results posted by the Xeon X5365 V8 effectively double those of a 3.0 GHz quad-core Core 2 Extreme.

The SANDRA XI FPU benchmark displays the same basic trends, and the Xeon X5365 V8 posts extremely strong scores, easily outpacing even the Core 2 Extreme QX6800.

Page 1

Under the Xeon X5365 V8 Hood

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Test Setup and Benchmark Software

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PCMark05 Pro Performance

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SiSoft SANDRA XI Memory and Multi-Core Performance

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    CINEBENCH 9.5 and SANDRA XI CPU Performance

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    MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and WinRAR Performance

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    3DMark06 Pro, F.E.A.R. and Company of Heroes Performance

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    Benchmark Analysis and Power Consumption

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    Real-World Performance & Usage, Value and Conclusion