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Sharky Extreme : News From Inside The Industry November 5, 2007

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    By Vangie Beal :  May 6, 2002

    (Press Release) Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., announced that it is first to volume ship Double-Data-Rate 400Mbps SDRAM (DDR400) modules in 128MB, 256MB and 512MB densities. As the newest addition to Samsung's DDR SDRAM portfolio, the 400Mbps (200MHz) DDR devices are ideal for use as PC system main memory, offering three times the performance of Single-Data-Rate PC 133 SDRAM and 50 percent more bandwidth than mainstream DDR266.

    The volume availability now of these high-speed memory modules further strengthens Samsung's position as the leading producer of DDR SDRAM memory devices. Samsung is ramping up to meet the growing market demand for this high-performance memory technology. Early this year, Samsung was first to deliver engineering samples of DDR400 to major PC chipset companies, including NVIDIA, SiS and VIA. The devices have received positive feedback and leading-edge chipsets supporting DDR400 will soon be available.

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