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Sharky Extreme : News From Inside The Industry November 11, 2007

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    By Vangie Beal :  June 4, 2002

    (Press Release) Rambus Inc. has announced availability of the RIMM 4200 memory module design. The RIMM 4200 module is a dual channel RIMM design using 1066 MHz RDRAM memory and provides 4.2GB/s of memory bandwidth, the highest bandwidth memory module available today for the PC market. The design improves ease of implementation for manufacturers by requiring fewer total components. End-users benefit from the convenience of upgrading high performance dual channel memory systems using a single module. ASUSTeK Computer Inc. is the first to market a RIMM 4200 motherboard with the Intel 850E chipset. By pairing the Intel Pentium 4 processor with RDRAM, ASUSTeK ensures its customers maximize the system performance.

    For motherboard manufacturers, the RIMM 4200 module offers maximum performance in a compact design. By integrating two memory channels plus channel termination components onto a single module, the RIMM 4200 module minimizes the motherboard area used by the memory subsystem. The small memory footprint allows system designers to either incorporate additional value-added features onto ATX motherboards for product differentiation, or to take advantage of the uATX form factor for lower overall system cost.

    The RIMM 4200 module shares a common design with the RIMM 3200 module built with 800MHz RDRAM memory and offering 3.2GBs of memory bandwidth. Reference designs using mainstream PCB technology are available from Rambus for 128MB, 256MB and 512MB modules. As with existing RIMM motherboards, the RIMM 4200 memory channel is implemented on four layers. RIMM 4200 and 1066MHz-based boards are currently available from ASUSTeK. RIMM 4200 modules running at 1066MHz and RIMM 3200 modules running at 800MHz are currently available from Samsung, Elpida, and Kingston with OEM systems expected in the third quarter.

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