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Sharky Extreme : News From Inside The Industry January 11, 2008

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    February 17, 2004

    Intel Corp. CEO Craig Barrett kicked off the chipmaker's house-party Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco today with remarks including a long-rumored, endlessly-speculated-about development: Starting in the second quarter of this year, Intel will introduce 64-bit memory extension technology -- akin to that of AMD's Opteron and Athlon 64 -- to the x86 architecture of its IA-32 server and workstation processors, offering a by-popular-demand alternative to Intel's proprietary 64-bit Itanium family.

    We'll add details as we get them. So far, Intel's press release about Barrett's keynote merely follows two paragraphs about what Barrett called the "extremely gratifying" acceptance of the Itanium CPU -- more than 100,000 chips sold in 2003 and deployments "at many Fortune 500 companies" -- with a segue into discussion of other Intel-developed technologies such as Hyper-Threading and the Centrino mobile platform. The bombshell dropped casually amid mention of coming attractions such as PCI Express and DDR2 memory support is the revelation of 64-bit extensions -- long gossiped about as Intel codename "Yamhill" -- to the IA-32 architecture now seen in the Pentium 4 and Xeon processors.

    "Offering a broad lineup of solutions means that, when combined with the Itanium processor family -- which is designed specifically for business-critical high-end server and technical computing market segments -- we can provide leadership solutions from top to bottom, in a variety of 64- and 32-bit configurations," Barrett told forum attendees.

    Update: Intel says the 64-bit extensions will make their debut in "Nocona," the first of the Xeon server CPUs to migrate from 0.13-micron to 90-nanometer process fabrication as the Pentium 4 "Prescott" did at the beginning of February; the new Xeon, aimed at dual-processor servers, will premiere at 3.6GHz with an 800MHz front-side bus. A Prescott-based, 64-bit-memory-extensions Xeon for single-processor workstations will follow, probably in the third quarter, with 64-bit-extended, 4-way chips in 2005. Microsoft announced today that its Windows XP 64-Bit Edition and Windows Server 2003 for 64-Bit Extended Systems, shipping in the second half of this year, will support all "64-bit extended processors such as the AMD Opteron and the Intel Xeon with 64-bit extension technology."

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